Codemax Software Solution Suite

We provide cutting-edge software solutions to encourage businesses to move towards digitalization, automate their daily operations, and improve business efficiency and productivity with technology.
RMS Central Kitchen Solution

RMS - Central Kitchen Solution

Purpose-built for central kitchens, a system you cannot do without! RMS simplifies central kitchen processes, minimizes duplication of work, centralizes storage of and retains knowledge, manages procurement & production, captures inventory movement with mobile app, ensures fast and up-to-date information for decision making.


IMS - IoT Temperature Monitoring System

IoT Monitoring System (IMS) is designed to establish smart environment in your business operation by enabling real-time temperature & humidity monitoring. You never have to go through all the hassle to achieve compliance and most importantly to safeguard your valuables in cold chain.

f&b management system
The Start of Digital Transformation

RMS Lite - F&B Management System

RMS Lite is an end-to-end solution that manages F&B operations easier, faster, and more efficiently — Manage sales, procurement, goods receiving, inventory, production, and delivery process with less labor & more control. Transform your business from paper to digital, with a 50% grant of up to RM5,000 now!


AMS - Asset Management System

Assets are often not easy to be maintained and tracked. Most businesses are still using spreadsheets to record, thus it leads to human errors and lost track of its existence. That’s why we built Asset Management System (AMS)! It provides all-in-one functionalities to businesses and allows them to organize & track their assets easily.


ASMS - Aftersales & Services Management System

There are so many things to take care of in the aftersales department, such as the technical team members, tasks assignment, skillset classification, team performance, and customer requests. Aftersales & Service Management System (ASMS) digitalizes the whole aftersales & services operation and helps you to provide a different service level to your customers.