Codemax Software Solution Suite

We provide cutting-edge software solutions to encourage businesses to move towards digitalization, automate their daily operations, and improve business efficiency and productivity with technology.
central kitchen solution

RMS - Central Kitchen Solution

Purpose-built for central kitchens, it is a system you cannot do without! It simplifies and expedites central kitchen processes, minimizes duplication of work, centralizes storage of and retains knowledge, helps plan your production and purchasing levels, captures inventory movement with mobile app, ensures fast and up-to-date information for decision making.


IMS - IoT Temperature Monitoring System

In this high speed internet era, we are well connected to different electronic devices to enhance our capabilities to handle daily challenges. Codemax IoT Temperature Monitoring System is designed to establish smart environment in your business operation by enabling real-time temperature & humidity monitoring. You never have to go through all the hassle to achieve compliance and most importantly to safeguard your valuables in the cold storage.


Vaccine Cold Chain Monitoring

When it comes to cold chain, monitoring the vaccine is crucial to ensure the temperature remains within the acceptable level throughout the delivery process. Especially in moving vehicles, the temperature is subject to unpredictable fluctuations in conditions. The monitoring system is embedded with GPS, to track the vehicle and trace every delivered vaccine.


AMS - Asset Management System

Assets are the important part of the business. More often that not, they are not easy to be maintained and tracked, as people are using spreadsheets to record, which often leads to human errors and lost track on its existence. Codemax Asset Management System is designed to provide an all-in-one functionalities to every businesses.


ASMS - Aftersales & Services Management System

It isn’t an easy task to manage the aftersales department. There are so many things to take care of, such as the technical team members, the tasks assignment, skillset classification, team performance and many more. Besides, you have to make sure the customer requests are being handled professionally. Codemax Aftersales & Service Management System (ASMS) can help businesses to digitalize the whole aftersales & services operation, you can also provide a different service level to your customers with prompt response.


CLMS - Customer Loyalty Management System

Codemax Customer Loyalty Management System (CLMS) is a simple to use yet highly automated software, which enables the retail business owner to easily reward the customer with reward points, while the system takes care of the gift vouchers to be sent to the customers. To further impress and retain the customers, CLMS will automatically personalize the birthday vouchers for the birthday stars every month. Retail business owners can now focus on the marketing activities to attract more customers while CLMS takes care of the customer retention.