About Us



Our company was establish in 2011 by two ambitious tech geeks with the combined experience of 20 years in information technologies. We are immersed in the F&B industry to provide cutting edge solutions in improving the ecosystem of food industry as well as work with F&B industry leader to enhance our solutions and introduce the latest technology in food industry. We incorporate robotic automation, Internet of Things and Big Data in our solutions, the necessary elements in the path towards achieving industrial revolution 4.0 (I.R. 4.0)

Why use our service

We prioritize your journey as a customer in every aspect of the services. We believe in providing service excellence to all our customers. Therefore, we can be of added value:
We Deliver Practical Solution

Our solutions are designed to offer strategic values. Not only it solves the business problem, it also gives our customers a new direction and new perspectives when dealing with daily challenge. All these can be achieved with minimal time and budget and maximum ROI.

We Prioritize Our Customer

Our mission is critical to ensure our customers’ business keep going. This is why we put you first. We grow together with our customers. We deliver solutions to meet your business objectives with the right expertise and cost within the timely manner.

We Know Our Stuff

Since inception, we have been working with many industry leaders to constantly improve our solutions, to make sure our customers always stay ahead of competitions with all the enhancements and new unique features that we introduce.

More About Us


Our Mission

Our mission from the very first day has been to cultivate professional relationships with our clients to provide effective and reliable information technology solutions for their needs.


Our Team

Our team has highly developed skillset acquired over decades of experience in information technology and business processes to offer greater operational efficiency, productivity and cost saving solution.