RMS Central Kitchen Solution


Codemax RMS is a system you cannot do without! Purpose-built for central kitchens and f&b industry, serve as a MRP software / ERP system for your kitchen. RMS Central Kitchen Solution is designed to improve productivity of business operations through information technology, smart forecasting, and automation.

RMS centralizes storage of and retains knowledge, helps your production planning and procurement process, captures inventory movement with FIFO method. Moreover, it can be integrated with digital scales to automate the food weighing process.

RMS takes care from sales order, production planning, requisition, to goods receiving, inventory control, and delivery order. It simplifies and expedites central kitchen processes, minimizes duplication of work, and ensures fast and up-to-date information for decision making.

Key Features

Recipe Management
Food Cost Calculation
Sales Order / Delivery Order
Production Planning
Raw Material Requisition
Purchase Orders
Goods Receive & Labeling
Raw Material Inventory Control
Job Production
Semi-Finished Goods Inventory Control
Finished Goods Packaging & Labeling
Finished Goods Inventory Control
Report Center
Track & Trace
Sales Order / Delivery Order

How It Works

Why Choose Codemax

Low start up cost

End-to-end solution

Flexibility for customization

Third party system integration

User friendly

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RMS Recipe Manager

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