Manage All Your Assets under One Platform

Codemax Asset Management System (AMS) allows users to track their asset details, digitalize asset-related documents, and report asset failure to the supplier with ease.

What is Asset Management System?

Assets are one of the most important parts of a business. More often than not, they are difficult to be maintained and tracked, as people are using spreadsheets to record, which can lead to human errors and lost track of their existence. Codemax Asset Management System (AMS) is designed to provide an all-in-one functionality to every business to track the asset details, digitalize documents, and schedule reminders for maintenance service. You will soon find out that using this state-of-an-art system is just like using a social media app because you are able to take pictures and videos, and submit the service request to your vendor easily.

Key Features of AMS

Maintain asset listing and track the asset details including but not limited to asset type, asset location, supplier info, invoice no, serial no, warranty, and product life cycle.

Generate customized asset label stickers or asset tags, with a unique QR code / barcode. Get every detail of assets by simply scanning a code.

Gain control and real-time visibility by knowing what assets you have, where the assets are located, and when to schedule maintenance.

Convert your paper documents to electronic versions. Easy create and view step-by-step procedures, user manuals, and any related documents on the go, via web or mobile app.

Report asset issue and submit fault report to the supplier, and comprehensively describe the issue with photo or video taking feature.

Provide all information about the maintenance tasks and record the service processes, including maintenance requests, technician assignment, work order statuses, and working time used.

Set reminders in advance for scheduled maintenance of machines and equipment on one easy-to-use platform.

Generate detailed assets-related reports on demand, and download a list of asset labels with just a few clicks.

Permanently store every relevant document in the Cloud. Secure your data, meanwhile, keep track of and access service history.

Why Choose AMS

Easy to Use
Affordable Solution
Simple Installation
Cloud Technology
Enhanced Security

Organize, Track, Maintain Your Valuable Assets.

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