Codemax® RMS Standard

RMS Central Kitchen Solution serves as a MRP and ERP system for Food Industry.

Purpose built for Central Kitchens, Commercial Kitchens, Retail Chain Outlets, and F&B Manufacturers, a system you cannot do without! RMS improves supply chain, production planning, inventory management, recipes/SOPs, and product traceability. Designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of business operations through digitalization, smart forecasting, and automation.

central kitchen solution
Eliminate paperwork and save up to 70% of your budget and resources.
Quality Control
Ensure food safety by monitoring all stages of the production process.
Get rid of tedious and repetitive works with minimal labor required.
Enable product tracking and ensure details are readily accessible.
recipe management

Recipe Management with Food Cost Calculation

RMS manages the entire set of your production recipes and makes your daily preparation easier. Improves consistency in every meal served by creating easy to follow step-by-step instructions for both experienced and inexperienced workers while generating the food cost at the same time.

Production Planning & Inventory Management

With only a few clicks, RMS analyses and recommends the optimum number of batches to produce and corresponding raw materials to be purchased, and generates purchase orders in bulk with pre-filled supplier info. RMS is capable of managing dual UOM and tracking inventory levels across multiple warehouses.

production planning

Track and Trace All Your Products

RMS enables traceability to keep track of any product all the way to it’s production, including all the processes and raw materials used with QR code / barcode scanning. Ensure inventory control with FIFO method.

Halal Application Made Easy

Consolidate all the information needed for the application and maintenance of Halal certification under one system. Track the validity of HALAL, HACCP, GMP & MESTI certificates of the raw materials used, and set reminders for renewal.

halal application
catch weight management

Bulk-Break Analysis

RMS handles items that have a requirement to divide them into smaller parts, and able to capture the actual weight for different parts connecting with a digital scale right away.

Multiple Outlets Order Management

Optimize supply chain management for central kitchens and large-scale food businesses. Automate and centralize all the stock requests and purchase orders from multiple outlets / franchisee. Streamline the ordering process and manage your central kitchen with ease.

order management

Reporting Done Right

Generate detailed reports on-demand. RMS auto-generates a list of reports (production reports, inventory movement reports, stock balance reports, wastage reports, etc.). Save time & achieve HALAL / HACCP compliance more efficiently!

Transform Your Business to be IR 4.0 Ready

  • All-in-one and end-to-end food tech solution designed to provide exemplary user experience through digitalization and workflow automation.
  • Smart mechanisms analyse business operation and provide instant feedback to help with decision making; reducing human dependency, labor and error.
  • Cloud computing enables on-demand availability, making the system accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Businesses upscale much more easily as they focus less on the tedious/repetitive work and focus more on the things that actually matter.

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