Vaccine Cold Chain Monitoring

Control your cold chain with real time temperature monitoring,
location and inventory tracking.

Choosing the Right Vaccine Monitoring System

To maintain the potency and efficacy of vaccines, proper handling and storage of vaccines is vitally important from manufacturing, distribution, logistics, to receiving, storing, and injection. Rigorous standard of procedures for handling the vaccines should be followed to protect ourselves against infectious diseases. Choosing the right monitoring system eliminates all possible causes of vaccine degradation and spoilage.

Vaccine Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold Chain Logistic Tracking

When it comes to cold chain, the temperature is guaranteed to remain within the optimal level throughout the delivery process. The monitoring system is embedded with GPS, to track the vehicle and trace every delivered vaccine in real time.

Inventory Tracking & Real-time Monitoring

On-Site Temperature Monitoring

 After the vaccines are delivered to the respective medical sites or healthcare facilities, the system will monitor the storage temperature from time to time until all the vaccines are administrated. The monitoring system acts as a real time surveillance to avoid high risk of exposure to too high a temperature or for too long.

Real Time Inventory Tracking

The monitoring system is not limited to temperature control, but also tracks the stock level and inventory movement. The number of delivered vaccines and the balance of vaccines in storage are recorded and can be viewed. The system ensures live vaccines and inactivated vaccines are stored in the proper storage respectively.

Why Choose IMS


Real Time Monitoring

We assure the information is fast and up-to-date at zero latency. The system monitors the temperature 24/7 to detect temperature fluctuations. We aim to eradicate all the potential risks of non-compliance to protect our customers.


Location Tracking

Our system is managed to keep track of the status, and location of every product. Traceability is implemented into the whole handling process of the product whether it’s domestic shipping or overseas export. You know where it goes, you know if it’s cold.


Instant Alarm

We develop high-tech and smart monitoring system. When the temperature goes beyond the pre-defined level, alerts are sent to the appropriate authorities immediately, to prevent any negligence and take corrective actions.


Analytical Report

Our system generates hassle-free report in just one click. Historical data and detailed audit logs can be generated to meet the requirements of compliance audit. The system analyses the data and prints out graph and detailed reporting.

IoT Monitoring Devices

Codemax Gateway
4G Gateway Hub
wireless wide range sensor
Wireless Temperature Sensor
(-200°C to 100°C)
High Accuracy (± 0.2°C)
Long Range
Long Lasting Battery
Water Resistant (IP 65)