IoT Monitoring System (IMS)

Establishes smart environment in your business operation by enabling real-time temperature humidity monitoring.

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  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring
  • Real-time Humidity Monitoring
  • Instant Notification Alerts
  • Threshold Configuration (Temperature danger zone)
  • Smart Monitoring (False alarm prevention)
  • Cold Chain & Logistic Monitoring (with GPS tracking)
  • Multi-location Monitoring
  • Power Outage Detection
  • Reports Generation
  • Lifetime Data Storage
  • Little to No Maintenance Cost
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Wide-range detection
  • Strong signal penetration
  • High accuracy & stability
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Water-resistant
  • Magnetic, plug ‘n’ play

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Gateway & Sensors

temperature gateway

Gateway Hub 

  • Wifi Gateway
  • 4G Gateway

Wirelessly transmit temperature and humidity data to the Cloud.
Wide signal coverage up to 300-meter radius and up to 30 sensors per gateway

Wireless Sensor

  • Wireless Temperature Sensor
  • Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Wireless Wide Range Sensor

Compact, High-accuracy (±0.2°C), Water-resistant (IP65), Long-lasting battery (5 years), Strong signal penetration (RF).
High-stability to monitor temperature and humidity accurately, and detect temperature fluctuations in logistics or cold chain.

temperature sensor

IoT Temperature Monitoring System

IoT Monitoring System (IMS) is designed to securely monitor and control temperature & humidity remotely and in real-time, at zero latency. By utilizing IoT technology, IMS connects temperature humidity sensors to the system with advanced features such as notification alerts, false alarm prevention, power outage detection, auto-generated reports, multi-site monitoring, and GPS tracking. With IMS, you never have to go through all the hassles to achieve compliance and most importantly to safeguard your valuables in the cold storage, cold room, cold chain, and wherever temperature & humidity monitoring is needed.

temperature monitoring
Teaser: Floor View

Monitor Temperature & Humidity in Real-Time via Web or Mobile App.

Show most accurate data in 3 minutes intervals. User friendly interface for graph viewing and threshold configuration.

temperature monitoring
notification alert

Get Instant Alerts When Temperature Breach the Threshold.

Set respective temperature danger zone & smart monitoring duration to prevent false alarm. Receive push notifications via mobile app or email when temperature breach the threshold.

Lifetime Data Storage and Generate Reports Anytime on Demand.

Generate reports for historical readings of the temperature sensors, detailed audit reporting, and data analysis.


High Accuracy
Long Range
Water Resistant
Long Lasting Battery

How It Works


Fully Automated
Real-Time Monitoring
Notification Alert
Smart Monitoring
Trend Analysis
Report Generation
Cloud Computing

F&B Equipment Applications

IoT Monitoring System and Temperature Humidity Sensors are suitable to use for various kinds of industrial equipment.





cold room

Cold Room

braising pan

Braising Pan

combi oven

Combi Oven

insulated carrier

Insulated Carrier

Industrial Applications

IoT Monitoring System and Temperature Humidity Sensors can be applied in different types of industries and sectors.

Real-time temperature monitoring for cold room, freezer room, cold chain, food processing, cooking, thawing, reheating, etc, to prevent food waste and ensure food safety.

Food & Beverage

Maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for chick brooding, swiftlet farming, or any agriculture related businesses.

Agriculture & Poultry

Real-time temperature humidity monitoring for medical refrigerators, blood bank, specimen storage, hospital ward, etc, to eradicate bacterial growth and cross-contamination.


24/7 remote temperature monitoring for stock inventory, dry storage, refrigeration, holding area, or any warehouse applications.

Warehouse Storage

Avoid high temperature and maintain the optimal temperature humidity levels for wine cellar and chiller.

Wine Storage

Why Choose IMS?

Easy to Deploy
Easy to Use
Cloud Computing
Private & secure
Helpdesk Support

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