Codemax Software Solution Suite

We provide cutting-edge software solutions to encourage businesses to move towards digitalization, automate their daily operations, and improve business efficiency and productivity with technology.
RMS Central Kitchen Solution

RMS - Resource Management System

Purpose-built for F&B business, RMS is an automated and powerful management tool to streamline operations, minimize duplication of work, achieve greater efficiency and reduce cost at the same time. We provide different versions of RMS with unique features that suit your business and needs.


IMS - IoT Temperature Monitoring System

IMS enables real-time temperature & humidity monitoring in your business environment. You never have to go through all the hassle to meet regulatory compliance and most importantly to safeguard your valuables within the ideal temperature range.


AMS - Asset Management System

Assets are often not easy to be managed and tracked. Many businesses are using spreadsheets to keep track of their assets, thus prone to human errors and lost track of its existence. AMS is designed to provide all-in-one functionalities to businesses and allows them to organize & track their assets easily.


ASMS - Aftersales Service Management System

There are so many things to take care of in the aftersales department, such as customer requests, warranty management, tasks assignment, and KPI evaluations. ASMS digitalizes the whole aftersales service operation and helps you to provide a different service level to your customers.