Codemax® RMS Lite

The Management System
for F&B Business

Simplify workflow by reducing the time spent on manual and tedious tasks.
Make your day-to-day operation easier, faster, paperless and more efficient.

Codemax RMS Lite

Transform Your Business from Paper to Digital

Do more work with fewer steps. Get rid of overwhelming paperwork and boost productivity with Codemax® RMS Lite now!

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purchase order
goods receiving
production planning
delivery order

F&B Business Management has never been easier

Gain a complete control of your products, from purchasing, receiving to inventory and production.

Automate Procurement Process

Purchase Order process that usually takes hours can now be done within 30 minutes! Save time by sending P.O. to suppliers directly from the system.

purchase order system

Improve Goods Receiving

Goods Receiving done with mobile app! Take photos as proof of goods received and record HACCP required information at the same time.

Track Inventory 24/7

Having trouble tracking your inventory levels?
Fret not! Manage your inventory with ease now:

Auto Stock IN / OUT to ease workload
Check latest Inventory Balance
Track Inventory Movement
Stock Counting is easier than ever

inventory management
recipe management halal cert

Manage Recipe with Food Cost

Create and manage recipes easily in one place using photos / videos and access control.

Food costs are automatically calculated from the recipes.

HALAL Certification

HALAL application made easy – Print and submit your recipes along other required documents.

HALAL (or any other) certificate maintenance – Help you renew your certificates on time.

Monitor Production from start to finish

Maximize production output by monitoring the progress and recording the details.

Easily plan Production schedule
Access to Recipes during production
Record HACCP required information
Record Wastage / Spoilage

production planning

Digitalisation Journey in 4 Simple Steps

Consultation (FREE)
Understand your business operation & needs and assist in the grant application.
Setup and configuration by our solution specialist, followed by system training.
System trial run handheld by our solution specialist. Finally, system go live.
Contact us for assistance whenever needed, we are happy to help.

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