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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

All kinds of businesses are suitable to use IMS, as long as temperature and humidity monitoring are required. Most of our clients are from the Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, and Logistics industry.

Please contact us via phone, email, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, or you can simply fill up the contact us form. Our solution specialist will get back to you within 24 hours.

Yes, you can contact us to book for a product demo. Please reach us at +6010-239 5798 or fill up the form at https://codemax.my/contact/

Costs may vary depending on the number of sensors you subscribe for. IMS is a subscription-based monitoring system, starting as low as RM160/month. We provide unlimited support throughout the subscription which one-time purchase does not offer.

Our sensors are calibrated by ISO 17025 certified calibration company with the accuracy of ±0.2°C.

However, if you need to have the calibration certificate under your company name for audit purpose, please kindly approach 3rd party calibration company at own cost.

No, only Gateway (Receiver) needs to connect to the internet through WiFi/Sim Card. Sensors transmit data to Gateway via Radio Frequency (RF).

Our Gateway (receiver) has GSM module, M2M SIM card available for subscription.

No, our sensors are wireless, hence no wiring or drilling job is required.

The duration of implementation is as fast as within 1 day, including sensor installation. system implementation, and employee training.

Yes, our sensors use industrial grade lithium battery which can last for 4-5 years with 3 mins interval.

Yes, our sensors are IP65 rated and using Radio Frequency (RF) to transmit data, hence the signal penetration is strong enough to penetrate the cold room panel and can operate under humid and cold environment.

From -150°C to 300°C, ambient temperature or food core temperature.

300m in open environment;

100m~150m in close environment (office/shop lot/factory/etc.);

30m~50m inside a cold room.

*Subjected to the the layout of the building and thickness of wall/partition/panel

Yes, there is a minimum 24 months contract.

Our support team is always here to answer your questions or solve technical issues. You can always contact our team through phone, Whatsapp or leave a message at https://helpdesk.codemax.my/portal/en/newticket


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