Industry 4.0


Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the digital transformation of industrial market with smart manufacturing. This includes 3 different aspects of implementations which are: operational, technologies and human resources in order to succeed.  In Codemax, we strive to help SME perform transformation into smart factory by integrating RMS Central Kitchen Solution with Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Data Analytics, Robotics & Automation.


Created by chefs over 3 years

Purchase Orders

Generated in less than 15s

1 %
Theft Prevention

Through QR code stock scan which promotes traceability & transparency

Recipe Management

  •  Avoid under or excessive purchase of materials
  •  Save time in preparing recipes
  • More than 2500 recipes has been created within 3 years

Food Cost Calculation

  • Generate food costing in 5 seconds

Sales Order/ Delivery Order

  • Paperless procedure
  • Send sales order directly to the kitchen

Production Planning

  • Schedule production from 1 screen, 1 button, in just 1 second

Raw Material Requisition

  • Generate analysis in less than 1 minute

Purchase Orders

  • Generate 30 purchase orders (PO) in less than 15 seconds

Goods Receive & Labelling

  • Reduce theft rate at the receiving stage

Raw Material Inventory Control

  • Real time in and out movement
  • Reduce theft rate

Job Production

  • Improve food consistency with recipe card
  • Reduce number of skillful workers

Finish Goods Packaging & Labeling

  • Get to the root of problem instantly
  • Fast traceablility in just 5 seconds

Track & Trace

  • Get to the root of problem instantly
  • Fast traceability in just 5 seconds

Report Center

  • Provide significant analysis and various reports in less than 1 second

Preparing in Malaysia & International for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Robotic - Macaron Demo

Robotic - Biscuit Stacker & Destacker